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Preventative Maintenance - Oil Change

The engine of any vehicle is the most vital component. Being the most costly part, it certainly deserves more attention when it comes to preserving and maintaining it. One of the most significant tasks while preserving the engine is to change the oil. It is imperative you use a good quality oil of the right viscosity while changing the oil and also change the oil on schedule.

Changing the oil is not very difficult. What is more difficult is to decide what is “schedule," and how to select the right oil. You can start with checking your car manual. You have to assess what is right for your car and what suits your driving habits when you read the maintenance schedule.

Always choose the oil-changing schedule that is normal in order to avoid the engine-killing sludge build-up. Try evaluating your diving habits like how highway driving is easier compared to high traffic short trips. You have to decide according to how many miles or months you can drive between the oil changes. In case of doubt you can try the sever service schedule.

Preventative Maintenance - Cooling System

Another important preventive maintenance job after changing engine oil is to maintain your cooling system. The best thing would be to check the vehicle fluids like the coolant for the shortest time or least distance suggested. Avoid going by the maximum distance recommended. Also make it a point to keep a regular check on the coolant. Once in six months you should check the variants and the coolant levels need a monthly check. Sometimes you may want to flush and refill much the fluid has reached the extended-life interval. However it is suggested you must change it before coolant in the radiator changes color simply because the change indicates rust, and that is nothing but the dissolved engine.

Preventative Maintenance - Transmission

And finally it is the automatic transmission system which needs to be maintained regularly. Make sure you get it serviced by flushing and renewing its fluid once in two years or 24,000 miles. Flushing in modern times changes the entire fluid unlike the older transmission service, where they changed only about one -third of the fluid. You can also make a radical improvement in the transmission life by using chemicals in the flush process that dissolve harmful deposits.

Never ignore any maintenance schedules. A little extra care can improve the performance of your car and extend its life and make driving more and less trouble.

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